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LGMD is already a topic in various media. Here you will find current articles and noteworthy reports. In addition, we provide you here our association flyer to download and use!

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Association FLYER

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Series documentation / The CHARITE: Hirschhausen - Medicine of tomorrow

Genetic engineering of the future (first 12 minutes - only german)

CRISPR used to 'reprogram' cancer cells into healthy muscle in the lab

Current Article 08/2023

The Future is now - genom editing summit

Current Article 03/2023

(german only)


Dr. Gisela Rose Marie Krebs

Article of a concerned person - Magazin "Bild der Frau"

Current article 02/2023

(german only)

11 clinical trials that will shape medicine in 2023

Current article 12/2022

A Matter of Compassion: The Hurdle Race to the Future of Medicine

Current article 11/2022

Press release of a major donation

Press release 11/2022

(german only)

How to repair muscles

Current article 10/2022

CRISPR base editing gives measure of hope to people with muscular dystrophy

Current article 08/2022

"The Uniqueness of hope"

Focus Report 07/2019

(german only)


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